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CODE Juicery

Brand Development

Cold Press Juice has been gaining popularity for some time on the west coast and has migrated to the east in recent years. CODE Juicery is an east coast lifestyle brand focused on organic Cold Press juices to meet the needs of an ever-growing community of adults seeking food and drink choices that are healthy. CJ was seeking to develop and launch an east coast Cold Press Juice line for wholesale, direct to customer and retail location.

We started by working with CJ to define their brand platform and strategy to best position them in the Northeastern market. From there we defined the name and built an identity that represents the intersection of body and mind through healthy organic ingredients. The packaging took the concept of breaking your code even further. Each product was uniquely named for its indications such relaxation or energy. Each product name is deconstructed on the package illustrating the decoding concept with the consumer.

Let’s dig something together.

Everyone loves a good pun, right? Okay maybe not everyone.

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